This Vertical MacBook Stand Holder is Must Have For Your Work Desk At $9

Once you clip the on-page coupon and use the code I4HBXZJ2 at checkout, MOMAX via Amazon is offering its Vertical Laptop Stand for $8.79. Normally selling for $16, today’s offer comes in at more than $7 less than the regular amount, surpasses our previous mention by almost $1, and establishes a new record low for us to keep watch of. When you get home or to work, you can use this vertical laptop stand to hold your laptop. When your laptop is placed in it, its self-adjusting design enables it to instantly expand to the desired width. This stand can accommodate almost any device on the market, supporting laptops up to 23 pounds and PCs up to 17.3 inches wide. Something like this will not only free up space on your desk but will also enable your computer to have good ventilation since nothing will be obstructing the laptop’s intake or output.

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Product Highlights:

Goodbye to traditional manual screwing adjustment methods. Cleverly use the weight of the object to automatically adjust the size of the card position, and hold the object tightly. Easy and Simple to tidy up your desk without the use of any equipment.

The MacBook Pro stand holder has high-quality non-slip 5-sided protective silicone pads, ensuring the base is stable to hold your laptop tightly and does not slide. Maximum protect your device from any scratches and sliding.

Even laptop or MacBook locking in the middle, the space-saving vertical desktop stand holder can be placed cell phones or tablet computers on the front and rear sides. You can be used an iPad or iPhone stand, which frees your hands to watch online classes. 

A great space organizer / work-from-home essential to cradle up the monitor vertically, and keep your laptop away from any spills. Build up a neat and organized space for your desk and effectively centrally manage personal mobile devices. Easy to use and provide a cleaner working environment simply.

Compatible with all laptops from 4″ up to 17.3″ like Apple MacBook, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixelbook, Dell XPS, Chromebook, and more Laptops / Notebooks. The vertical laptop stand holder provides more storage functions than the average laptop stand, it is also compatible with iPhone, Kindle, Tablet, Book, Documents, Smartphones, and more.

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