Don’t buy Apple Pencils; this iPad pen is only $20 and works just as well

So far, I’m really liking this pencil. WAY less expensive than an Apple Pencil and appears to function just as well. 

There is no doubt that Apple’s pencils are great, but they cost a lot. If you lose your stylus a lot or just can’t justify spending over $79 on a tablet pen, the Jamjake stylus is a cheap alternative. It’s currently only $20 on Amazon, which is 33% off its normal price and a great deal for people who want to save money.

To begin, let us look at the basics. The Jamjake stylus is made to work with a lot of different iPad types. You can use this pen with any iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Mini that came out after 2018.

Keep in mind that it won’t work with earlier iPads or the newest iPads from 2024. For those, you’ll still need the Apple Pencil Pro.

The 1.5mm tip on the Jamjake pen will give you the accuracy you need when writing or drawing. This is a little bigger than the original Apple styluses, but it’s still close enough that you shouldn’t notice a difference. There are a lot of extra tips in the package, and they are very easy to change.

It’s very cheap, but it works like an Apple Pencil. It has an ergonomic design that lets you write precisely, and it rejects your palm so you can rest your hand on the screen without touching it by chance. The Jamjake pen has a battery life that is about the same as Apple’s original models. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to fully charge, and you can use it for up to 10 hours.

Even though we haven’t had a chance to test this model ourselves, it has an amazing 4.4/5 stars from nearly 87,000 customers on Amazon alone. Most users are happy with how well the product works and how simple it is to use. One recent buyer talked about their experience and said they were hesitant at first to use a pen with their iPad. But the Jamjake stylus surprised them in a good way, and they decided there was no need to buy the more expensive Apple originals.

There are also deals on Apple models if you’re still not sure about spending $20 on the Jamjake stylus. The 2nd generation Apple Pencil is $79 ($50 off), and the USB-C Apple Pencil is $69 ($10 off).

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