It Just Takes $20 To Protect Your Home/Office!

Blink Mini lets you see what’s happening in your home, but also hear and talk back – it’s like being home even when you’re not.

With the Amazon Blink Mini, a little yet strong indoor smart security camera made to keep your house secure around-the-clock, you can live in peace. Its motion detecting, night vision, and 1080P HD video quality let you know that every area of your home is being watched over.

Blink Mini’s live view and two-way audio capabilities let you monitor in real time. Using your smartphone, remain in touch with loved ones or your pet friends from any location.

Customize motion detection notifications sent straight to your smartphone so you never miss a beat. Blink Mini makes sure you know what’s going on in your house whether it’s identifying unplanned movements or particular zones you’ve set up.

Integration of Blink Mini with your Blink Video Doorbell will improve your home security system. Use it as an indoor plug-in chime to be notified right away when someone hits your video doorbell so you can be ready for guests.

Blink Mini Indoor Smart Camera

Benefit from a range of storage choices with the Sync Module 2 (available separately) or the Blink Subscription Plan. The Blink Subscription Plan offers a free 30-day trial that lets you easily save and share clips so you never miss a moment.

It takes just a few easy steps to set up your Blink Mini. Connect the camera to your wifi network, plug it in, then follow the easy-to-use directions in the Blink Home Monitor app. Your house will have cutting edge security measures installed in a matter of minutes.

Alexa compatible, easily include Blink Mini into your smart home ecosystem. Simplify home security by pairing it with your Alexa-enabled devices to get live view, arm and deactivate your camera, and more with just your voice commands.

One camera in a stylish white design, a mounting kit with a stand for simple installation, a USB cable, and a power adapter are all included with every Blink Mini purchase. All the necessities are there, so setting up your security system is simple.

The nicest thing, though? Originally $30, all of this cutting-edge security technology is now available for an amazing $20. For your needs related to home security, the Amazon Blink Mini provides outstanding value when it comes to price and performance.

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