Your Fire TV Stick is Incomplete Without This $21 Discounted Accessory

_SofaBaton F2 Universal Remote-min

Recently, Amazon has added some additional universally operated remote buttons that enable you to control the tv or soundbar volume and mute the audio. It’s a good addition, but it isn’t enough, truthfully. This is where I’m playing my favorite new Fire TV accessory. SofaBaton F2 Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV Streaming Players is being offered at a deep discount right now.

The SofaBaton F2 is essentially a simple, universal remote control that is designed to connect to remote Amazon. It’s not making the remote larger, longer, and that’s essential for a comfortable and well-fitting design in your hand. Besides power, volume, and mute buttons like you’d find on Amazon’s newer Alexa voice remote, you’ll also get channel buttons, three configurable buttons that can do anything, and an input button to switch the input of your TV. The latter is crucial.

It was $40 on Amazon when I purchased my SofaBaton F2 and definitely worth every penny. But today you will find a $16.60 Prime members’ discount, and an additional $2 coupon to reduce the price to only $21.39.

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