Snag Your iPad This Highly Rated Apple Pencil Alternative For $22

Stylus Pen for Apple iPad Pencil

The Yotnn Stylus Pen for Apple iPad is being sold today at Amazon for $22.38. Without using any special discounted coupon code at the checkout, you save 20 percent directly on this pen.

With the upgraded iPad pen’s palm-rejection technology, you can write or draw with your palm on the iPad screen without wearing an uncomfortable glove. The writing experience is natural and smooth, just like with real pens. We like that you can use this pen with a glass screen protector on the iPad.

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The iPad pencil has a 1.5mm improved POM tip that is more accurate and smooth, with no lagging, skips, or scratches. The nib is more durable than that of standard stylus pens. There is no need to download Bluetooth or Apps. You can use it to surf the web, take notes, paint a watercolor, draw, or annotate a letter.

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Simply double-tap the cap button repeatedly to turn it on or off. To save power, set the timer to switch off and enter “Sleep Mode” after 8-10 minutes of inactivity. USB-C charges quickly and easily. 20 hours of continuous work, 90 minutes of charging time, and 90 days of standby time

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Smooth cylinder pen body with one flat side that is easy to keep or grasp and does not roll. Simply double-tap the cap button repeatedly, and the stylus pencil will be free to work on your iPads.

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