iOS Compatible: $450 Robotic Vacuum With Mop Drops To $200

After you clip the on-page coupon, Yeedi via Amazon is offering its Vac 2 Pro Robot Mop/Vacuum for $200.99. Today’s offer saves $249 off Amazon’s regular $400 price, which is normally $400. In fact, this represents a new all-time low that we’ve tracked and is $40 less than the Black Friday deal we saw. It’s also $10 less than our previous mention from back in February. This year’s summer chores will be made simpler thanks to Yeedi’s robot vacuum, which can handle many tasks at once. It not only vacuums up dirt, but it also includes a built-in mop that scrubs your floors clean with a novel oscillating method. Additionally, the Vac 2 Pro will avoid obstacles in 3D space, like shoes, toys, and more, so you won’t need to bother about organizing your space before sending it to clean. Additionally, complete mapping functionality enables the vacuum to understand what has been cleaned and what needs to be done. To prevent the mop from running over a rug, there is also a sensor that tells the machine whether it is on carpet or hard flooring.

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Product Highlights:

Unique oscillating mopping system and 3000Pa strong suction power vacuum and mop simultaneously to scrub off dried-on stains from wood/tile/laminate floors and suck up dirt from both carpet and hard floor.

No need to pick up before you clean, the 3D obstacle avoidance technology senses and dodges daily objects, shoes/pet bowls/kids’ toys/socks, in its way. A true helper for families with pets and kids.

Identify your floor type and plan the cleaning method accordingly. When a carpet is detected, yeedi vac 2 Pro will steer away from your carpet in mopping mode and automatically increase suction power in vacuuming mode to get the best clean.

Powered by smart visual mapping, yeedi traces your space like a GPS. It identifies your rooms to rebuild your home layout and plans an efficient cleaning path for whole floor coverage without missing any spots.

Compatible with Yeedi self-empty station for auto dustbin emptying. With a 2.5L dust bag, yeedi locks 30 days of dirt in place so you can forget about vacuuming and focus on what matters most.

Intuitive Yeedi app lets you customize cleaning by setting vacuuming and water flow levels for different messes, choosing cleaning sequences, cleaning specific rooms/areas, and more with a simple tap of the editable home map.

yeedi vac 2 robot vacuum can last max 240 minutes of runtime on a single charge, perfect for big house cleaning. It automatically recharges when the battery runs low and resumes cleaning where it left off.

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