The Next Time You Go Abroad, Don’t Forget To $9 Carry Xcentz Universal Travel Power Adapter

You should make sure the bag is packed with everything you need before flying off into another country. A universal travel power adapter is an item many people forget to bring abroad, but thankfully at Amazon today you can pick one for only $8.99 so you’ll be ready to power anywhere else. You will just have to enter 7KOD94LL for this low price during the checkout. Today’s deal saves $4 from the normal costs of this adapter and takes it to one of the best prices that we’ve ever seen. The offer only applies to the black adapter version.

Xcentz’s multifunction universal travel adapter, equipped with EU, UK, AU and US plugs, is designed for use in more than 150 countries. The two USB ports which provide 4.8A output are also brilliant. This means that you can charge up to three devices simultaneously. The adapter has max AC power 880W at 110V while the adapter features 1840W at 230V. It should be remembered that this adapter does not transform voltage.

This travel adapter has over current, overload, short circuit and high-temperature protection. Xcentz also offers an 18-month warranty and a replacement fuse. More than 115 customers in Amazon have so far given a rating of 4.5 of 5 stars for this adapter.

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