Xcentz 10000mAh Compact Power Bank With USB C PD Charging Back On Sale Again

Xcentz Portable Charger 10000mAh Small&Compact

Pickup Xcentz 10000mAh Compact Power Bank for $18.69 with a direct discount. This offer is 42 percent lower than the original selling price.

This is smaller and lighter than a credit card as a baseball. It fits perfectly in your palm, pocket, and pocket as a day-to-day charger.

PD 18W and QC 3.0, quick load requires1.7H in comparison with other 3. 4H for an XR iPhone, and quick recharge battery need 3. 5H compared to 7H.

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Sufficient juice to charge iPhone 8 to 3 for your devices. Five times, up to 2 iPhone X. Five times, up to 2 Galaxy S9. Three times, up to 2 Galaxy S8. Three times, up to 1 time, iPad Air2.

One Type C Plus One USB allows you to charge your phone quickly and still have some juice to share with other devices.

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