World’s Most Durable Lightning Cable For Apple Device Down To $10 Only

How long have you been on Lightning cables since you were stored again? Some of them start breaking up a bit? A little worn at the edges? A few more could be grabbed to place around the house. Cover all those strategic locations that ensure that you never sit outside the reach of a good charging cable. The 6-foot USB-A to Lightning cable Anker Powerline II is down to $9.74 with Amazon’s ANKERCB6 code. This code can be used on both Black and White. For the last few months, these cables have been selling around $15 or so.

Anker calls the “Probably The World’s Most Durable Cable” Powerline II cables. They are built for durability, last 12 times longer than other cables, and withstand 12,000 bends in laboratory testing. Due to the extreme reinforcement that keeps the internal wiring protected, the cables can support up to 175 pounds. Anker is so sure that these cords come with a lifetime warranty that is trouble-free.

The cables also have MFi certification and pass quality testing to ensure that they are charged as quickly as possible and that they meet safety standards. Users give 4.3 stars out of 5 to these cables based on 780 reviews. Even I’m probably going to buy a few for this price because it never hurts to lying around with a few extra cables.

Recently, Anker released the upgraded versions of this Lightning cable, Powerline III. This version has increased durability, but the Powerline II still lasts a very long time and comes with this lifetime warranty, so you could save a few dollars as well.

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