This Highly Rated 12“ Mirror Dash Backup Camera For Car Is On Sale For $119 (Save $31)

Right now, Amazon is offering the WOLFBOX 12“ Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera for $118.99. Normally selling for $149.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly $31 on the original price without applying any special discount code at the checkout.

The WOLFBOX 170° front and 140° rear lenses, which are superior to most rearview mirror cameras, provide an extra broad view, decreasing blind areas for safe driving and reversing. With the clever screen split feature, you may view dual-lens displays at the same time. The body is more smooth and ideal for the curvature of the human retina with a 2.5D curved screen. Because of its OEM appearance, the mirror camera blends in seamlessly with existing mirrors.

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WOLFBOX mirror camera records front and back with high resolution of full HD1080P, thanks to a built-in high-quality chip. When only the front camera is used, it can record up to 1296P. To lessen reflection during the day, the automobile camera used an updated low-reflectivity LCD. In a dark situation, the 6 layer glass lens improves night vision. The license plate number and other tiny text are prominently displayed.

Loop recording allows you to record indefinitely, even if your memory card is full. A sudden collision is detected by the G-sensor, which locks the collision footage. While the vehicle is turned off, the parking monitor acts as a security camera system.

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When parking, the reversing line will appear on the screen after connecting the red wire of the backup camera to the positive pole of the reverse light. Furthermore, it has been enhanced with an adjustable reversing line, allowing you to manually modify the parking line for easier parking. We’ve also added an “upside-down of rearview” menu to rotate the rearview, making it easier to install on pick-up trucks, RVs, and even top roofs.

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