This iPhone Compatible 1080P Ultra HD 7500L Projector Is Great For Watching Movie At Home & It’s Available At $119 OFF!

WISELAZER Native1080P ultra HD 7500L home movie Projector

Amazon is currently offering the WISELAZER Native1080P ultra HD 7500L Projector for $110.48. Today’s offer is special, you score a $119 discount directly without applying any special discount code.

Using an innovative optical system and high-quality optical lenses manufactured by Japanese companies, the image uniformity is 85 percent higher than other products, and 100% of the image edge and center are clearly focused, ensuring that the image is not incorrectly focused. It harms your eyesight while also protecting yours and your family.

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The physical resolution of 1080P is 400% higher than the image quality of 720P. The color gamut is up to 70%, and the 200-inch large screen displays clearer images and text, making it ideal for low-light situations. It will undoubtedly look fantastic in a home theater room, and it is also a good option for outdoor movie nights.

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The HDMI interface is simple to connect to PS4/5, Chromecast, TV Stick, TV Box, and Amazon Fire Stick, allowing you to play games and watch great content on Youtube and Netflix at any time. This video projector has a WiFi connection and can easily sync smartphones via Miracast or Screen Mirroring, making life easier for you.

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The S20 video projector uses advanced electronic keystone correction technology, allowing you to adjust the keystone correction of up to 25 degrees automatically using a remote control. Furthermore, using the zoom function, it is possible to reduce the image size from 100% to 60% without moving the projector. When suspended from the ceiling, it is extremely convenient.

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