Wirelessly Charge Newer iPhone Models With $10 AUKEY’s 10W Wireless Charger

A small change can make a huge positive difference to your daily routine. You should consider picking one up if you don’t have a wireless charging pad yet. Most modern phones are compatible with them, and maybe you can even use one to charge your headphones as well. Wireless charging is basically the future, and it’s amazing. Setting your phone down to pick it up with a replenished battery, later on, is about as convenient as it gets, plus you won’t have to worry about getting a phone charger around with you all the time once you’ve got a wireless charger on your desk. They also don’t cost a ton of money. Actually, this Aukey 10W Wireless Charging Pad will cost you only $10.04 today when you apply CNJ5USX8 coupon code during Amazon’s checkout. That’s more than 40% off the normal cost, and $10 is a small price to pay for something you’re going to use every day.

This highly-rated wireless charging pad can add up to 10W to your phone. If your device is not 10W charging compatible, it will be charged at either 7.5W or 5W. Note that your purchase does not include an AC adapter, and quick charging requires a special charger, so you could pick up one that could support it.

The charging pad is sleek and compact, with a surface of textured charging to keep your phone safe. Protecting your device from overheating and overloading also includes safeguards. A 45-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty support the charger.

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