Wirelessly Charge iPhone or AirPods With Very Affordable Anker’s Wireless Charging Pad

The Anker 10W Wireless Charger is the best-selling product in Amazon’s huge phone charge department, two very good reasons why. First of all, it is made by Anker and obviously it will be as good as quality. Second, for just $8.49 now on sale, this is totally insane!

Three different charging modes are supported by the PowerWave Pad of Anker. The older phones are able to charge 5W wireless and iPhones can use 7.5W faster. Instead, Android phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy devices increase their charge rate to 10W. For just $8.49, you can buy as many as you want for a discounted price, without a coupon to the clip or promotional code to enter. You have one in your office, at least one on your first floor, as many bedrooms upstairs as you need, so everybody can charge while sleeping!

On Amazon today you will find many great discounts on Anker products. The $8.49 PowerWave Pad is certainly a deal we can’t miss, so we want to make the difference.

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