Why Get Apple’s $350 Link Bracelet For Apple Watch When There is An Alternative For Just $21?

Looking for an elegant new band for Apple Watch? Wouldn’t you like to spend Apple’s whopping $350 on its stainless steel link bracelet? Well, don’t worry, we just got what the doctor ordered. Apple Watch’s Surace Stainless Steel Link Bracelet looks exactly like Apple’s top link bracelet. The only real difference, in fact, is the clasp— oh, of course, and the price difference of $329+. Check it out for sure.

Product Highlights:

√ Refined buffing and brushed metal surface process gives the black stainless steel its distinctive finish, chain all blend into one harmonious whole, noble, luxurious yet understated.

√ Crafted from anodized 304L stainless steel,provides smooth touch feeling, wear-resisting, high hardness, anti-rust.

√ Butterfly buckle folds neatly within the strap, with simple dual side release button, easy to close and open, safely keep the band on your wrist.

√ Up to 10 links can be removed, add and remove links with removal pin included in the package, fits 5.67-7.87inches (144-200 mm) wrists.

√ 18 month conditionally refund or resend with any quality problems, life-time friendly customer service.

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