What Features Are Coming To iOS 18?

Let’s dive into the list of features that are coming to iOS 18!

  • A redesigned version of Siri that is more intelligent and able to make use of a new artificial intelligence system that incorporates large language model technology. It is anticipated that the majority of the most significant enhancements to Siri will not be implemented until the year 2025.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence into the Messages app that is able to “conduct queries and automatically finish sentences.”
  • The capacity to summarize incoming messages, notifications, Safari webpages, emails, and other types of messages and communications.
  • For the purpose of “automatically creating fully fleshed-out responses to emails and text messages on behalf of the user,” the user can respond to suggestions.
  • New artificial intelligence features for Apple Music that allow for the creation of “auto-generated playlists”
  • Introducing generative artificial intelligence into iWork applications such as Keynote and Pages
  • To enable developers to “write new applications more quickly,” Xcode will soon include generative artificial intelligence features.
  • Significant new features have been added to the Photos app, which enables users to improve images, remove people and objects from images, and perform other operations.
  • New artificial intelligence features for Voice Memos, including the ability to automatically transcribe audio files.
  • The capacity to generate individualized emoji through the use of artificial intelligence. Because of this feature, new emoji icons will be generated that correspond to the text that the user is typing. According to Bloomberg, the system is able to make real-time updates as the user types out words in a text or document.

It is not guaranteed that all of these will be associated with iOS 18 or already prepared to be distributed as part of iOS 18. However, it appears that Apple’s objective is to pack as many artificial intelligence features as possible into iOS 18.

Furthermore, according to Bloomberg, a significant number of the artificial intelligence features installed on iOS 18 will necessitate the use of an iPhone 15 Pro. Therefore, the number of users who are able to take advantage of the new features will be significantly reduced as a result of this. On the other hand, in the future, the components that operate on cloud servers will most likely be more widely available.

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