Vislla Bluetooth Sport Headphone For iPhone On Sale For $23

Vislla Bluetooth Sport Headphone

Pickup Vislla Bluetooth Sport Headphone for $23. This is $23 percent off from the regular selling price.

Completely wireless, when compared to conventional sport Earbuds, cut off the cable hung around the neck. With ZERO cables, you can have your music forever. It has been designed exclusively for sports, run, hiking, jogging, etc.

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The ability of the Bluetooth model to connect automatically will be a major benefit to users. This is an easy and quick action suitable for all ages.

In addition to being equipped with the advanced chip and noise-canceling CVC technology, the Vislla S7 will deliver a cinematic listening experience that rivals the best speakers in the market. An MP3 player that offers a more steady signal and less power consumption.

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Each bud gives 110mAh of battery capacity so you can stay going with your music for a long time. With a portable Charging Case, you can get continuous use time up to 24 hours. You should not worry when you are not at home.

It is recommended that when you are wearing these earbuds, you should wear it securely and not left them hanging from your ear.

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