Various Philips Hue Smart Bulb Are Reduced At Amazon, From $39

Philips Hue LED smart light bulbs used to be on sale at deep discounts not long ago. In reality, different Philips Hue deals would be available every week, which would discount almost every famous bulb of the company at major sales events. But things have changed more recently. Unbelievably, there were almost no Philips Hue deals available in Black Friday and Cyber Week before last year’s holidays.

There are definitely quite rare opportunities to save Philips Hue bulbs, but they do exist and you need to make sure you use the opportunity to save some cash. One such chance is now available at Amazon, where you can find some excellent deals in some of the most popular smart lights of Philips Hue.

The Smart Light Bulb Philips Hue A19 is the company’s only popular bulb, and it’s quite expensive at $50. But you can buy individual bulbs for $42 right now on Amazon. That’s a great price already, but there is a chance to save more. 2-packages of these famous bulbs still give you a little discount as they retail at $90 instead of $100, also Philips Hue A19 Smart Light Bulb 2-pack LEDs at $77 are available The lowest prices so far in 2020 are just $38.50 per bulb.

Besides the two above deals which are perfect both for people who now have Philips Hue setups, two other deals are ideal for people who have just started building a Philips Hue setup. In addition to the two-color bulbs and Hue Hub, the Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Multicolor Smart Light Starter Kit comes for $129 rather than $150, and The Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Package with four white bulbs and an even bigger reduction from just $150 to $109.

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