VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger Mount Auto Clamping Now $50, $9 OFF!

VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger Mount

Amazon is offering VANMASS 15W Wireless Car Charger Mount Auto Clamping for $50 with a direct discount. The offer today saves 20 percent off the regular price.

When used in combination with a fast car charger, the charging speed is increased by 50 percent to save 30 minutes per charge (supplied). To provide the safest charging, integrated US-made chips.

Licheers Adjustable Tablet Stand is A Must Have & It’s $10 Only, 40 Percent OFF!

You can remove your phone freely when the car is shut down without worrying about restarting the car from time to time with the battery.

The smart sensor enables 0.1S pick & place. Just put your phone to close the clamps. It would open automatically, with a gentle touch on the quick-release button.

Snag Stretchy Solo Loop Band For Apple Watch At $13

The twist vent clip provides stability on the bumpy road and is suitable for vertical and horizontal layers. A cradle makes it impossible for the phone to fall, scratch, and fly out.

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