Upgrade Your TV With Some LED Backlights That’s On Sale For $10

The remote Govee USB-powered RGB LED backlight with E3G7U7YU code on Amazon is down to $9.90. Without the code, the light strip is valued at $15, which is its regular street price. The code savings reduce it to the lowest price that we saw.

The light strip is designed to be split into three or four pieces so that you can create a square around the back of a TV or go around an angle. This allows it to be adjusted with each part and connecting wires for any size TV between 40 and 60 inches. To make the strip fit, you don’t have to cut or bend it. Only three sides will be covered with larger screens (50 to 60 inches).

For the light strip, you can choose between 20 various colors and it supports time-setting and scene modes, which can change the lights. The included remote system may also be used to change the color or to adjust the luminance whenever you wish. You simply plug the strip into the USB port of your TV and extend it to the position you want it to be. It’s easy to hide completely behind your setup because there is no cord extending to a plug. In addition to the remote system that uses simple button controls, it comes with a controller box.

You can choose from seven scenes for the scene mode, which relates to different events, depending on what you are watching. The lights always work safely, generate very little heat, and use a sturdy 3M adhesive to hold your TV attached. It also comes with five clips to ensure the strip is connected wherever you put it.

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