Upgrade Your PC With Seagate BarraCuda 6TB Internal Hard Drive For $109 ($60 OFF)

The 6 TB internal Seagate BarraCuda disk is down to $109.99 for Amazon, which matches the low price that we saw just once or two times previously. The last time it dropped was in the shopping season on Black Friday. The drive is regularly sold for around $140 and normally only decreases to about $120 when on sale. It’s just $10 more costly at that point than the 4TB edition but it still gives you another two terabytes.

BarraCuda is built to be as economical as possible so that the price for so much room is so small. If you find a good balance between price and functionality right up your path, this drive is the same. It’s still as good as a SATA link allows, and it comes with Instant Secure Erase software to safely remove your old drives if this one replaces them. You can also encrypt your data with other security features.

The size of 6 TB helps you to do so much more. Start a video editing hobby and collect your media at a single place, save all your images. Do anything you want to do without worrying about space. Time to turn into a digital media hoarder. And with that, there’s nothing wrong!

The drive also comes with a 256 MB Cache and uses MTC technology from Seagate. Your PC can use this technology to reach a whole new level of performance. It loads installed apps, games, and files more quickly than ever before. Although the speed of an SSD may not be the same, it’s faster than a normal hard disk that you’ve been using over the past few years.

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