Upgrade Your Meditation Level With This Highly Advanced Brain Sensing Headband Technology

“MUSE: The Brain Sensing Headband” sounds like the name of something on a joke site that you might expect to see. Believe it or not, it’s the real deal, though. We spoke to a bunch of people who found the MUSE is really helping them to meditate and calm down. Obviously, the company can explain it much better than we can, so here’s the important product page information:

From the Product Page:

√ MEDITATION MADE EASY: Muse is your personal meditation assistant by providing EEG based real-time neurofeedback, allowing you to take the guesswork out of your meditation practice

√ MUSE WILL GUIDE YOU TO A CALM MIND: Sometimes your mind is calm and sometimes it’s active – Muse will teach you to recognize a calm mind and help you get there

√ IMMERSE YOURSELF: Put on the Muse headband, plug in your earbuds or headphones, start the app, and close your eyes. Immerse yourself within the sounds of a beach or rainforest via the Muse App on iOS or Android

√ REAL-TIME TRACKING & FEEDBACK: While you meditate, Muse measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into weathers sounds

√ REVIEW DATA AFTER EACH SESSION: After each session, review your data, set goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time

√ TRAVEL SAFE: Muse fits perfectly in the Official Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband Case (both versions)

√ COMPATIBILITY: Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection works with Apple and Android devices; using Apple iOS 11.0 or Android 5 Operating Systems or higher

√ USER INFO & GUIDES: Kindly refer to the User Manual, FAQs, and Tech Specs for additional information and product details

√ INCLUDED IN BOX: Muse: Brain Sensing Headband, Quick Start Guide, USB Recharge Cable (Earbuds NOT Included)

√ LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Manufacturer warranty valid only if the product is Shipped & Sold by Amazon – no other retailer is authorized by the manufacturer to sell through Amazon

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