Upgrade Your Home Automation With Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch At $160 ($40 OFF)


Right now, you can use the discount code PREPD15999 at Amazon to receive a huge discount of 25% on the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch. Fingerprint door unlocking technology was never so attractive, or so affordable!

If you’re heavily invested in home automation – things like smart lights, sockets, blinds, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc. – then you can do it all and get this stunning smart lock that protects your property but looks amazing. Many people hesitated to trust the security of their property with products such as the August Smart Lock, but the technology has come a long way in quite a while.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch-min

In this Eufy smart lock, the technology can detect your fingerprint in only 1.3 seconds. You could feel like being one of the quickest gunslingers in your city, but even the smartest person is not able to whip a front door key, lock it and turn it into a 1.3-second entry. No longer standing in the cold or wet outside. A fingerprint, the Eufy Protection app can be used via Bluetooth, the electronic keypad, or an old-fashioned key to unlocking the device. Comprehensive versatility in all situations.

Thanks to an IP65 rating and the ability to have access to the lock if the battery suddenly falls, it also comes with all the weather protection. And you can also have several fingerprints and keycodes captured on the computer and not on the cloud, with the fingerprint data saved locally. This safeguards your personal information.

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