Upgrade Old Vehicles With AUTO-VOX W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit For $90, Reg. $130

AUTO-VOX W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit-min

AUTO-VOX offers its W7 Wireless Backup Camera Kit for $90.69 with DK267Q9C code and when you click the on-page coupon. Usually, $130, today’s offer is one of the lowest available rates that we have recorded. Although the majority of modern cars have an integrated backup camera, it might be time to add one if you are driving anything a little older. A few years ago I fitted a backup camera to my SUV and it was one of the best options ever. This package provides a wireless solution that requires power only on the two ends of the camera and the monitor without cables. 4.4/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

Strong & Stable Digital Signal Transmission:AUTO VOX W7 uses the digital signal, which works better than analog signals over longer distances and without interference from other signals like Bluetooth.

Rear View Display: With a suitable size of the monitor, W7 is a good option as its screen allows for easy viewing of the rear when backing up.

Wireless For Easy Installation: There is no need to run wires from the camera to the monitor because of the transmission of the wireless signal. This design makes it easier to install and makes the installation faster and simple.

High-Quality Image: W7’s backup camera shows a clear image with a good balance of contrast, color saturation. The TFT Monitor offers improved image quality with better contrast and color performance than normal LCD.

Auto Displaying Parking Image: AUTO-VOX W7 backup camera has 6 adjustable parking lines to help you determine how close you are to an obstacle. This will help to make parking more precise and minimize parking accidents or mistakes.

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