Apple Adds iPhone Unlocking Feature With An Apple Watch in iOS 14.5

Apple is finally adding a solution with the iOS 14.5 update, which makes it easier to unlock an iPhone when you’re wearing a mask. At the moment, with a face mask, Face ID does not work that requires people who wear masks to enter a passcode to open their devices, a time-consuming and uncomfortable process.

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On iOS 14.5, a new option is available to unlock the iPhone with the Face ID and an Apple Watch paired with an extra layer of security from the Apple Watch authentication.

After a partial face scan, the iPhone will unlock if you wear an unlocked Apple Watch and use Face ID as you normally would. If the unlock occurs, you will feel a haptic buzz and will receive a message from the Apple Watch that the unlocking procedure has been successful, as it does when the Macs are unlocked by an Apple Watch.

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As indicated by Engadget, this function must be enabled manually and the alternative to the Apple Watch must be locked manually. Things like purchases from the App Store and payments from Apple Pay are not authenticated with Face ID + Apple Watch pairing. For certain actions, you will need full Face ID authentication or passcode.

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