Unbelievable! How Come Recently Launched Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphone Be This Cheap?

Today, millions of Samsung fans worldwide are waiting for a pre-order day for Galaxy S20! Everyone and anyone who wants to get their hands on those hot new flagship phones are now ready to place their orders. Samsung’s three flagship phones are now available for order. You should definitely pre-order now if you want it on day 1. Recall how quickly the Galaxy Z Flip sold out on the day of launch? The Galaxy S20 Ultra might be expensive, but it’s also out of this world and people will want to get it.

There are many different pre-order deals from Galaxy S20 to be signed into a contract with your wireless carrier. If you want to buy a smartphone that is factory unlocked, Galaxy S20+ or the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you can use it anywhere. There is just one place to pre-order from, Amazon.

Take any one of the hot new Galaxy S20 Samsung phones on Amazon and you won’t be able to get one, but two great extras. First, you get a free Galaxy Buds, the amazing, genuine wireless earbuds of Samsung. They sound great and they have silicone tips that isolate sound and lock all that bass, unlike the AirPods. Then, you get a Samsung DUO Pad, which allows you to charge two devices wirelessly at the same time! Remember the AirPower pad announced by Apple, but couldn’t find out how to build? That’s how it is, but it is there and you’re going to get one free of charge!

All of these deals are limited only, so don’t miss them.

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