Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker is Perfect Accessory For Apple Device For $119

Cyber Monday is full of deals on Bluetooth speakers, but when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is the best-in-class and 20 percent off right now! Not only is the lowest price ever, but Boom 3’s sound quality, features, and sheer utility make it the absolute best Bluetooth speaker to buy on Cyber Monday.

Best Apple Deals On Cyber Monday:

The bass is what got me— in a laptop I’m not going to expect too much, but I’m always looking forward to greatness and boom 3 is there. Without muddling the rest of the mix, the bass is rich and warm, and those highs are crisp and satisfying. The Boom 3 excels beautifully even at low volumes, where other speakers tend to be pretty muffled and indistinct. I’ve got it playing on my desk next to my keyboard right now, and it’s clean (and under control).

It’s no problem to take the Boom 3 to your next pool party. It has a high water-resistant rating that allows it to be submerged for 30 minutes in up to three feet of water. It is also protected from dirt and mud, but if it gets messy, you can hand-wash the speaker with warm, soapy water. Moreover, if you really want the Boom 3 to live up to its onomatopoeic name, you have the option of setting up another one (or up to 150 Boom speakers) to make a stereo pair and actually raise the roof!

I can’t really say enough of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3. It sounds great, has a great design, is portable enough to take anywhere, and for a great price, it’s on sale. Don’t miss out on this fantastic Cyber Monday deal if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker.

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