Fast Charge Your MacBook With $12 UGREEN 100W USB C to USB C Cable

Amazon is now offering the UGREEN USB C to USB C Cable 100W for $11.99. When you clip the on-page coupon, you can save $2 off the original price without using a special coupon at the checkout.

It is perfect for charging laptops like the MacBook Pro 16″ to 39 percent in 30 minutes at full speed or fully charging the Samsung Galaxy S21 in 1 hour. The output of 100W (20V 5A) is 52 percent faster than a 60W USB-C connection.

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The 90-degree USB C connector makes it possible to hold the device more comfortably when gaming and to lay it more comfortably against a wall, on a desk’s edge, in a cup holder, or in a pocket without adding extra stress to the strain relief. To resist more than 10,000 bends, the UGREEN Type C charging cable has been double-insulated with aluminum housing and nylon braiding. Additionally, a shielding shell has been added to avoid terminal disconnection or separation.

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A 56K resistor offers seamless conductivity and a smooth charge, safeguarding your electronics from damage during current discharge, while the E-marker smart chip automatically matches the required current. With a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps (USB 2.0), the UGREEN USB c to USB c cable enables you to transfer 1GB of movies, music, documents, or an entire photo library in under 30 seconds.

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