Uplift Your iPhone Photography With This $12 Accessory

For today, Amazon is offering the UBeesize Premium Flexible Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote at $11.99. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 20% off the original price.

Works for devices with a maximum width of 3.54 inches. It is compatible with digital cameras like Nikon/Canon, DSLRs, and action cameras thanks to a standard adaptor screw thread. You can shoot pictures (portrait and landscape) with a wireless remote control up to 30 feet away. Ideal for steady tripod shots, filmmaking, selfies, group photographs, and vlogging.

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Flexible octopus-style legs are constructed from more robust quality metal that has been reinforced with compressed foam and a rubber covering. It has been extensively modified to withstand the rigors of adventure as well as the wear and tear of regular exploration. Extremely portable, handy, and lightweight tripod for your outdoor activities. Snatch up Tripod S and wave goodbye to heavy objects.

Anker A20i True Wireless Earbuds Available On Sale For $29 [28% OFF]

A high-quality metal ball joint can sustain a phone or camera weighing up to 1 kg. securely secures the largest smartphone in place. This adjustable tripod remains stable on a surface that resembles the ground thanks to its non-slip construction.

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