Two Of The Anker Wireless Charger For Apple iPhone X Are Available At A Dirt Cheap Price Today

Two of the Qi Wireless Chargers from Anker are becoming more affordable than ever, although you will need to use the appropriate promotion code below to score the lowest possible price. Both options are now down to $12.99 and over 40% off, so choose the one that best suits your needs and hit checkout before these discounts go away.

Anker’s PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand is the easiest option, falling to $12.99 with IWSTQM9B promo code. It allows you to keep your phone charging wirelessly while anchoring it to you so that you can continue to use it for video calls, watch YouTube, or read notifications as they arrive. It provides a 5W charger for each device and protects against overvoltage, foreign objects, and overheating. It is also highly reviewed.

The Anker 10W Wireless Charging Pad, meanwhile, will not face your device towards you, although it can charge compatible devices twice as fast so you can remove your device much faster from the charger. Only the latest Samsung devices can charge 10W, while any other device will charge 5W, so if you’re not a Samsung user, it won’t make a big difference. This model also drops to $12.99, although instead, you will need to use the SDQH2512 code.

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