Two Of The Accessories That Kills Corona Virus From Smartphone Are Back On Stock!

We all know that your smartphone is a breeding ground for germs, including viruses and bacteria. Of course, because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, this is a big problem right now. Since people more than ever use their cell phones, we need to be very careful when and what we touch. It’s important that you wash your hands at least 20 seconds after you go shopping, but what’s good if you were in the supermarket with your smartphone and then start using them again after you wash your hands?

In general, smartphones are practically always dirty and cellphone displays are breeding grounds for germs. This involves all kinds of things, including coronaviruses, like bacteria and viruses. It’s all too easy to get a COVID-19 infection when your phone has coronavirus and you touch your face after you treat it.

First, don’t use your phone to call your real handset any longer. Get a couple of discounted AirPods on Amazon if you don’t have a Bluetooth headset already and use them. But your smartphone should also be cleaned as often as possible, at least once or twice a day, even if you don’t go home.

Clorox wipes are excellent for cleaning up your iPhone or Android and killing viruses on your surface. In most regions, it is still very difficult to find out wipes and other sanitizers. Fortunately, there’s another great option in Amazon right now, although we’re probably not going to let the cat off the bag for much longer.

The great smartphone sanitizers, which use UV- light to sanitize your phone, are the two main that includes HoMedic’s UV- Phone Sanitizer Case and Eshake UV Cell Phone Cleaners. One of those devices can be used to clean your phone’s surfaces in just a few minutes. I myself have the HoMedics model and I use it every day at least twice a day. It is a portable case and the top is extended to suit your phone and bathe it in UV light. By the way, UV light confirms the killing of viruses, including coronaviruses. The case takes one or two minutes and I do two cycles on each side, rolling the case between each cycle.

Another popular option is Eshake’s model, although it has been untested by us. Give one or both of them a shot, but do it soon, as they will sell soon.

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