Twelve South Timeporter for Apple Watch Drops To $40

We don’t see deals on the Twelve South TimePorter too frequently, but if you were to sell, today’s your lucky day. Amazon currently has $39.99 available, which is $10 off the normal cost and the best deal we’ve seen since late August. Today you will also get free shipping with your purchase.

For a couple of years now, the TimePorter has been around, but it is arguably still the best travel solution for Apple Watch owners. It can be a great pain to travel with an Apple Watch. For one thing, the inductive charging cable is both finicky and expensive, so you want to maintain its integrity and make sure it remains tangle-free. Add accessories such as extra watch bands or a wall adapter, and you’re left with often-cost tech and no great way to store everything. TimePorter provides a convenient solution to all the above-mentioned problems.

This compact case for travel has plenty of room for the essentials. There is a dedicated area where you will place the inductive disk of your charging cable, plus special areas for your power adapter and additional bands. There is even an integrated spool that manages your charging cable smoothly. That means you can plug your wall adapter into an AC outlet, keep the rest of the length of the cable tidily spoiled inside the box, and place your Apple Watch on top of the box to charge. The case itself is also compatible with Nightstand Mode, allowing you to horizontally lay your Watch and open the case to keep your tech in view while charging.

You might also stash a small power bank if you’re short on outlets to charge your Apple Watch while on the go. With an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, 126 customer reviews left the TimePorter at Amazon.

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