Twelve South Backpack for iMac & Apple Displays Currently $33 Only

In Matte Black, Amazon is offering the Twelve South Backpack for iMac for $33. That’s 25% off the latest prices and is currently the best offer. If you have an iMac and an external hard drive connected to it, Twelve South’s Backpack is here to unlock your desk. It hangs on your iMac stand, enabling you to support the drive (and many other things) for a smooth look that keeps what’s going on from the front completely unseen. This particular model is made of matt black, which makes it a solid choice for an iMac or Pro. 4.2/5 stars rated.

Product Highlights:

Helps create an organized workspace by elevating hard drives and other peripherals off your desk

Adds a space-saving shelf that mounts to the back or front of your iMac or Apple Display

Holds up to 3.5 pounds of hard drives, peripherals – even a MacBook

Integrated cable rails allow for handy cord and cable management with integrated vertical pegs to supported hard drives

Compatible with iMac (21 and 27-inch models), iMac Pro, Apple Thunderbolt Display and Apple Cinema Display (21 and 27-inch).

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