Turn Your iPhone Into A Thermal Camera With Seek’s Discounted Gadget

The Seek thermal portable image camera for iOS devices is currently available for Amazon at $182.49. It’s generally good for a 23% discount of $235, the greatest we saw in more than 2 years. This camera attachment, which is a Lightning connector, brings thermal imaging to your iPhone. It can measure heat from a distance of up to 1,000 feet and has a detection range from -40°F to 626°F. Whether you want to detect electrical and mechanical problems at work, look for drafts around the house, or deal with another heat-related problem, this device can do more than you think. Over 1600 customers rated 3.7/5 stars.

Product Highlights:

Transform your smartphone or tablet into an all-purpose thermal camera with a 206 x 156 thermal sensor for use at home, the Jobsite, and more.

Find and fix faster by seeing problems invisible to the naked eye such as energy loss, electrical and mechanical failures, water damage, and hundreds of more heat-related issues.

A perfect tool for DIY homeowners, contractors, builders, and engineers.1,000 ft. Detection Distance

It does not require batteries or charging. Waterproof case included. Free Seek mobile app.

SPECS: 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor, 36° Field of View, < 9 Hz Frame Rate, Focusable Lens, -40F° to 626°F Detection Range, Captures Photos & Videos, Spot Temperature, High-Low Temperature, Threshold Mode, 9 Color Palettes.

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