Turn USB C Cable Into USB A Port With This $3 Adapter (4 Pack)

If you use devices with different ports, it may be very frustrating to deal with all kinds of USB cables. Fortunately, this USB-C to USB-A adapters 4-pack can help to ensure that your devices are always plugged in and loaded –even with an incorrect cable! Now, when you use JJT4XVNS promo code during check out at Amazon, the price of the four-pack decreases to $2.80. You save $4 from the cost of the set, which is like paying just 70 cents for each connector.

These USB-C to USB-A plugs allow you to connect to a charger cable’s USB-C end and turn it into a USB-A end. In so many more circumstances, you can use your USB-C cables. A data transfer speed of 5Gbps is provided for each connector and up to 3A of power output is enabled. This means you can use these connectors to power your device.

No driver installation is required to start using these connectors; simply plugin and start your cable. Two of the connections even have keychain rings attached so that you can keep them hanging on your keychain or on an awning close to your desk.

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  1. I tried to buy this on Amazon and entered the code you provided but Amazon indicated the code had already been redeemed. In any case it didn’t reduce the price of the item to $2.80 as you indicated – please help!

  2. Hi there Jesse, i just checked the code and it’s working very well. I could’nt show you the screenshot here but I have sent you an email personally. Make sure you do not enter “space” before or after the code.

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