Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker Is The One You Should Pick For Your iPhone Today At $17 ($13 OFF)

Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker

For now, you can snag this popular Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon for $16.99. Normally selling for $29.99, today’s offer allows you to save $13 directly.

You wouldn’t expect a lot of sound from such a small audio unit, but the XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker is sure to impress you. The absolute, natural sound and impressively low bass can be heard on any track. Everyone is sure to enjoy the high-quality audio of the XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker, no matter what music they want.

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Wait until you try Bluetooth 5.0 technology if you thought the old Bluetooth was fast. What’s the big deal about it? How about double the transmission speed and more consistent communication with no signal loss or dropouts? You can also get a signal from 100 feet away! There will be no more cutouts while listening. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing housework or don’t have your phone with you.

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Nothing beats going for a dip while listening to your favorite music. We’ve got you covered with the IPX7 waterproofing to keep moisture out, whether you’re swimming laps or dodging raindrops. You can go to the pool, the tub, or somewhere else where it’s a little damp and not be concerned.

Double up and attach two XSound Surf speakers. Connecting another XSound Surf Bluetooth speaker to create a full surround sound experience is a breeze. Perfect for a party or while watching a movie.

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Leave the house confident that your battery will remain charged for an extended period of time, regardless of what the day has in store! The XSound Surf portable Bluetooth speaker has an ultra-powerful battery that will keep your pump-up sessions going all day and all night. Charge up, go out, and jam.

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