TOPGREENER’s Four Pack Of Smart Plug is Available For Less Than $26 At Amazon

As you begin to add more smart technology to your home, the unclever appliances around the house start to look like a dull thump. Sadly it is not possible to replace all existing devices in your home with smart models. This is also where smart devices are added. They are super practical to add some intelligence to your stupid devices without spending lots of money, and today with the discounted Amazon smart plugs from Topgreener, you can do just that. The four-pack is only $25.49, bringing it lower than ever if you use X6FU868N during check-out. Taking into account the package of 4 that usually sells for $40. The 2-pack and single plugs are also reduced in price.

As far as features and reliability are concerned, Topgreener 15A smart plugs are quite close to many others on the market, but they offer a lot of others, not energy monitoring. You can use this to turn your devices on and off remotely, like any smart device. The free accompanying app can also be used for setting schedules and integrating your plugs into other intelligent home scenes or automations. These plugs operate well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too so that you can control your devices with just your voice using your Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini.

In addition, you can monitor the amount of energy your device uses. You can even receive real-time energy reports for your device. It’s especially good with something like a space heater or other large-scale, powerful electronics that shows what the power goes there or just how much energy your TV actually uses when you leave it all day long or daily.

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