Toggle This Outdoor Plug On/ Off & Schedule With An Smartphone Application, $20 Today

The smart Wi-Fi smart plug iClever IC-BS06 is $19.99 on Amazon. This is a good $6 off its normal price and the best direct price reduction we have ever seen. Taking into account the popularity of these plugs, they tend not to be sold very often. If you like to put up some outdoor lights or have some outdoor equipment you want to monitor without going outdoors, pick up a couple.

This outside plug is secure, so you don’t have to worry or the devices attached. In case of a power surge and safety characteristics to protect against things like overheating, there is also built-in surge protection. Whether you are really in the holiday season, the plug can be used to power outdoor lights and devices, or plan to host a party on your deck. It is graded as IP44, which means that you don’t have to worry about stuff like sticks or even ants that get into outlets and fry them.

You don’t even have to leave the house to control everything you plugin thanks to the smart functionality. You can download the plug with a free application called iClever Smart Home. You can program the plug from there to do what you want. Try adding it to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control, which allows you to control the plug with your voice from anywhere in the house. It works with IFTTT as well.

You can also customize schedules or automated timescales with the app.

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