This Unique Apple Watch Stand Drops To $10 Only

Elago has released a number of Apple Watch retro-inspired chargers, and the company’s latest one turns your Apple Watch into an iPod that’s pretty darn cool. Right now, you can pick one for just $10.44, which is about $3 less than it normally sells for, thanks to a direct price drop and an on-page coupon. Only the white option is available at this price, but today you can score for $12.99 if you really want the black one.

It is compatible with all of the Apple Watch’s generations and sizes and uses the charging cable you already own to power it up at night. The display cutout is designed to line up so the Apple Watch looks like the screen inside the iPod is compatible with the Nightstand mode. This dock is made of scratch-free silicone material to help ensure that when you put it in every night it does not ding up your device, and this material also helps to keep it on your nightstand.

Elago is so sure you’ll like it that it’s backed by the company with a money-back guarantee of 30 days and a full one-year replacement guarantee. Would you like something of a different style? The old school Mac stand from Elago is only $8.99 and this option inspired by Gameboy is $11.99.

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