This Device Clears Out Corona Virus From Smartphone & It’s A Must-Have Right Now!

As the new coronavirus continues to spread throughout the USA, many of our lives will not return to normal for a long time. For example, people in most regions should be strictly socially distanced, and self-quarantining should be employed in any area within a short distance of a hot zone. Everybody should concentrate on hygiene more than ever before everywhere. It is extremely important for people to wash their hands whenever they touch a surface that others may have touched because most of us can only go public from time to time. Groceries are a perfect example – do you know exactly how many people before you touched that box? Many.

As it is almost impossible for hand sanitizers to come here right now, many people can not wash their hands until they get home. This means you will have to sanitize everything you touched while out in the grocery shop or anywhere, including your car’s door handles, steering wheel, wallet, clothing and of course your smartphone. However, on your phone, you can not use bleach cleaners, and most people no longer have Clorox or Lysol wipes. What should you do now?

We told you about two mobile sanitizers using UV-C light to destroy germs and viruses – like coronaviruses – a few weeks ago. They sold out nearly immediately following our coverage, but now they both are back in stock somehow.

The UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer from HoMedics is a greatest-selling UV-C smartphone sanitizer that will kill germs and viruses in just a few minutes. And if you ask, UV-C is actually verified that COVID-19 is to be destroyed. At the moment, the HoMedics model has been available in three different colors in Amazon and this week they are all delivered.

Another device – the Eshake UV Cell Phone Cleaner – is not as popular right now. It does, however, have good reviews and is also cheaper than the HoMedics model. Take one of those two UV-C sanitizers while in stock. Continue to wash your hands and collect a box of alcohol wipes to use on your smartphone if you want to be safe.

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