This $70 Apple Pencil Alternative Has Germicidal UV Light Built In

Adonit Note - U (Black) LED Light-min

Apple’s Apple Pencil of the first generation costs $99, with the second generation version of iPad Pro that operates with the latest versions at $129. In either case, that big amount will give you a nice iPad style. However, in the period of the new coronavirus, there is another option to check that it costs considerably less money and is much easier to adapt. The Adonit Note-UVC style is now available on Amazon.

What is so good about the Adonit Note-UVC, you wonder? Nice, besides being a superb style with great accuracy and comfortable balance, this cute style has a great feature that is not found on the Apple Pencil or any other style. It is an integrated UVC light that kills germs on your iPad or on any other surface.

Everybody knows how disgusting breeding grounds are for smartphones and tablets in all manner of germs, and so this cool style is a bright idea. There is a variety of options for UV sanitizer cases that kill germs on your smartphones, but obviously bigger devices such as tablets will not work. This is where this style enters.

It is obviously important to note that UVC light takes time to kill things like bacteria and viruses, but the two UV bulbs in Adonit Note-UVC-style are indeed very powerful. A standalone laboratory found that the stylus was 99% effective after only 1-minute use, so you do not need to worry about waving it too long over your appliances.

This style is $69.99, less expensive than the Apple Pencil entry level, despite the additional sanitizing feature. This is an excellent value, and you definitely should check it out while it is on the stock.

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