This $7 iClever Fast Wireless Charger is Probably A Game Changer For Latest iPhone Models

Even if you spend a lot of money on holidays, you can still pick up this Amazon iClever fast wireless charger. The JODNJCJB code will drop to only $6.99 at the check-out. That’s half off and you can add it to your desk or nightstand, or both, easily enough. This is the lowest we ever saw it go.

The majority of flagship and intermediate-range smartphones with Qi charging these days have become virtually omnipresent in recent years. There are also plenty of wireless chargers on the market, but they are not all comparable.

This iClever alternative is a fast wireless charger. This means you can power Android phones supported on 10W and iPhone models on 7.5W so that you can get from empty to full faster. Even through phone cases, the charger works as long as it is less than 6 mm thick and not made of metal, both of which interfere with the wireless charging system. There is a silicone ring on top of the charger that holds your phone in place, even if it vibrates for receiving notifications, and a soft LED is present in the front to let you know that your phone is properly placed and charged. The charger is built in such a way that heat can be efficiently dissipated and built-in safeguards are provided to protect against overcharging, short circuit and power failures.

Existing owners rate Amazon’s charger highly with an average score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Please note that this charger does not come with a wall plug so you have to supply your own or pick up your own.

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