This $34 iPhone Accessory Lets Your See Tight Spots That You Usually Can’t

DEPSETCH Handheld Endoscope-min

The Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera of Depstech is one of Amazon’s best-selling smartphone devices. It is known mostly as a crazy wireless camera that can see almost anything inside your smartphone. The smart design of the gadget enables you to snake it in close spaced places and to take a clear picture back to your smartphone. There is also a hook and a magnet that helps you to recover lost items, such as jewelry from sink pipes or keys out of tight spaces.

It’s a fantastic price, but clip the coupon on your Amazon page and you can get one for $34.19 right now. This is in a couple of dollars of the ever-low price of this model.

If you wish to get an even better model, there is another offer on the Depstech DS240 Wireless Borescope, which is a nice upgrade. It has a 5-megapixel sensor in place of 2 megapixels, thus allowing a great 8x zoom. It is also 16.5 feet as opposed to 11.5 feet, and if you clip the coupon on the product page, it’s down to $44.99. This model also has a display of its own so that you do not have to connect it to your smartphone.

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