The innovative NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger is a versatile and efficient charging adapter. This compact and foldable charger block charges a variety of devices quickly and reliably to meet modern device demands. This charger works with MacBook Pros, ThinkPads, Dell XPS 13, iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, and Steam Decks. The latest GaN III technology makes the NOVOO charger compact without sacrificing power and efficiency.

Intelligent Compatibility Detection distinguishes the NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger. The power distribution for each device is optimized when charging multiple devices simultaneously. The charger delivers 45W to the MacBook Air and 18W to the iPad Pro, so you can charge them simultaneously. This intelligent power management charges devices quickly and efficiently without overloading the charger.

The charger’s single USB C port can charge a MacBook Air 55% in 30 minutes at 67W. This helps users who are always on the go and need their devices ready quickly. NOVOO charger supports Super Fast Charging, providing up to 25W for Samsung Galaxy S23 and 50W for OPPO, OnePlus, and realme phones using SuperVOOC flash charging technology. This charges even the most power-hungry devices quickly.

The advanced GaN III technology makes the NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger compact despite its high power output. Travelers and anyone who needs a portable charger will love this technology’s smaller, high-performance charger. Its foldable plug makes it easy to carry in pockets or bags. Anyone who needs to charge multiple devices on the go will find the NOVOO charger useful.

NOVOO prioritizes safety, and this charger is PSE, CE, ETL, and FCC certified. Its dynamic temperature sensor monitors the charger’s temperature in real time to prevent safety issues. RoHS certification makes the charger eco-friendly for eco-conscious consumers. This combination of safety features and certifications gives daily device users peace of mind.

NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger is versatile and compatible with many devices. This charger works with laptops like the MacBook Pro/Air and Dell XPS 13/15, smartphones like the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23, and gaming devices like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. Its wide compatibility makes it ideal for multi-device users who want a single, efficient charger.

A 3.3ft 100W USB C to USB C cable comes with the NOVOO charger, making it more convenient. This high-quality cable lets you use the charger’s fast charging without buying extra accessories. For hassle-free charging, the charger and cable make a complete solution ready to use right out of the box.

The NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger is 50% off at $14.49 for a limited time. This charger’s capabilities and specifications make it a great value. Its lower price makes it a good choice for budget-conscious charger upgrades. The discount makes it a great gift for friends and family who could use a good charger.

The NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger is a top-tier charging solution that packs power, efficiency, safety, and portability into a small package. Its Intelligent Compatibility Detection, high power output, and wide compatibility make it suitable for many devices. Advanced safety features and certifications keep the charger safe, while its compact design and foldable plug make it portable. The NOVOO 67W GaN III Charger is a great value for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile charging solution at its discounted price.

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