This $11 Single Cable is Capable Of Charging iOS & Android Devices

Wouldn’t it be great if you hadn’t to use another cable in your life for all the different devices? Thanks to the Anker Powerline II, you no longer have to because this is really a cable for all of them. When you enter the AK8436W3 code during your check-out, this3-in-1 charge cable drops to just $11.24 in Amazon and will save you $7 off its regular price. This code works on both versions of black and white.

The cable itself is a 3-foot Micro-USB cable with two extra adapters attached to it. Lightning ports power your iPhone and iPad, along with a USB-C link to charge your new Android devices and accessories. It offers a maximum speed of 2.4A on the Lightning, Micro-USB, and 3A on the USB-C port. The MFi-compatible Lightning connector allows Apple to safely load and synchronize an iPhone or iPad. The cable is also durable, allowing over 12,000 bends.

Existing owners offer 5-star cable 4.3 based on approximately 1,600 ratings. Anker is so assured, that this cable will love you and that the company will give you a lifetime warranty without any problems. These are useful because not everybody is using the same devices they days.

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