With an on-page coupon, Amazon is selling the MOVE SPEED 80,000mAh Power Bank 130W Portable Power Station for $100, down from $160. This compact, powerful 80000mAh/296Wh device is ideal for camping, laptop use, and emergency backups. Its 4.18-pound weight makes the power bank easy to carry and a portable power solution despite its large capacity.

Max output of 130W makes the MOVE SPEED Power Bank ideal for fast charging. You can charge a MacBook Pro 14″ to 50% in 35 minutes or an iPhone 15 in 30. SCP/FCP/QC fast charge protocols allow the device to fully charge in 5.5 hours. The package includes a 100W type-C to type-C cable for optimal charging.

Power bank has a built-in LED digital display to show remaining power. In fast charging mode, an indicator appears. Its adjustable bright and RGB lighting modes make it ideal for power outages and family gatherings. A knob controls white light brightness, while RGB light dances to the music for a festive touch.

The MOVE SPEED Power Bank prioritizes safety and durability. A sophisticated intelligent protection chip prevents overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuits, and temperature issues. Its fireproof shell is drop- and wear-resistant for durability. The power bank retains over 85% of its power after a year of charging, making it a reliable home backup.

The power bank charges multiple devices with five output ports. Three USB-A and two USB-C ports simplify and expand the interface. The two Type-C inputs enable fast and easy charging. Power your iPhone, Samsung, MacBook, iPad Pro, Switch, or GoPro with this power bank.

The MOVE SPEED Power Bank supports 65W USB C port fast charging and solar panel recharging (solar panel not included). It can be charged via a car USB port, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This guarantees continuous power for all your devices wherever you go.

Pass-through charging lets the power bank charge your devices while charging itself. This feature keeps devices powered while the power bank recharges. The “Low Current” mode provides the optimal current for charging small devices like smartwatches safely.

The MOVE SPEED 80,000mAh Power Bank is a cheap high-capacity portable power station at $100 with the on-page coupon. Its large capacity, fast charging, multiple outputs, and safety features make it a great emergency backup, outdoor activity, and daily use investment.

The MOVE SPEED 80,000mAh Power Bank combines functionality, portability, and advanced technology for great value. This power bank keeps you connected and powered up whether you’re camping or powering your home. Its compact size, robust features, and low price make it a market leader.

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