This $10 Case Not Only Protects Apple AirPods But Also Adds Wireless Charging Support To Them

Apple’s popular AirPods are currently being sold at a low price of just $129 on Amazon. If you want the edition with the wireless charging case, that would cost you $169 today, which is a lot, because if you buy it from Apple, you will get for $199. Finally, you can buy Apple’s Wireless Charging case for $64.99 on Amazon right now, and not $79, if you already have Airpods and want to add wireless charging support. That’s a good discount too, but you could want to find another choice first.

You should definitely check out the NeotrixQI Wireless Charging Adapter for AirPods, rather than spending another $65, after spending more than $100 on your AirPods. Right now on Amazon, it is discounted and it’s pretty brilliant. In fact, this small gadget is a cover that slides across Apple’s regular AirPods case and the wireless Qi recipient is built in. Simply place it on a Wireless charger such as you would with the OEM Wireless charging case from Apple and in no time you can refill your AirPods. This cool cover works with both AirPods of the first generation and AirPods 2, and snag one from Amazon now for only $9.99.

Product Highlights:

WIRELESS CHARGER FOR AIRPODS – Enjoy Wireless Charging for your AirPods! Place your original AirPods into the wireless charging case and put it on Qi wireless charger for wireless charging experience.

PROTECTION CASE – It utilizes ABS for a compact and hard shell to protect your charging case from scuffs and scratches. Long-lasting protection against scratches to keep your AirPods charging case scuff-free and clean.

FASTER CHARGE – Built-in smart chip, can be controlled by the circuits more efficiently, makes the output charging current up to 5V / 0.5A, takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge the AirPods.

EASY TO USE – Simply place AirPods into the case, close the lid then put the induction area side down onto the Qi wireless charger. It could work with any Qi-standard wireless charger, such as iPhone X or iPhone 8 Wireless Charger.

WELL PROTECTION – The built-in smart QI wireless charging chip can protect your AirPods when charging, effectively reduce the charging temperature and improve wireless charging efficiency.

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