These True Wireless Earbuds For iPhone With 3D Sound, Touch Controls & More Available For $20

Funcl Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones-min (1)

A pair of real wireless earbuds must not leave a big bump on your bank account. In comparison, Amazon has many popular versions, including the Funcl True Wireless Earbuds that are today even cheaper. With a 45 percent discount, a couple of these Bluetooth earbuds can be scored for only $19.99 when using the PJ2F7Q5A promotional code. It saves you $16 immediately and cuts the headphones to the best price they have ever achieved.

Bluetooth 5.0 is one of the most stable wireless connections with minimal lag and audio dropouts. They are designed to stay comfortably in your ears and come with soft silicone ear-tips so that you can personalize them as well.

These real wireless earbuds are also designed in an active way of life. It is sweatproof so you can take them to the fitness center or catch them in the rain while running without worrying about destroying them. Moreover, you can make hands-free calls while you exercise or on go with the built-in microphone inside each earbud. In the mono or stereo mode, the headphones can be used.

With the included charging case, these headphones can be powered wherever you go when the battery level is low. The earbuds themselves will take a single charge for up to four hours, but holding the charging case around helps you to power it again twice before it has to be charged. You have a total time of 12 hours to listen to before you have to find a power source.

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