These Top Selling Face Masks Are Back In Stock At Amazon

You don’t need an N95 face mask, except if you are a doctor, nurse, or first responder in front of you in the war on a novel coronavirus pandemic. You should not buy them for two reasons even if you find some N95 masks available to purchase. In the first place, a terrible lack still exists of N95 face masks and the number of masks available for the healthcare industry is further reduced by people who sell them on the black market. Second, it’s definitely overpriced and a waste of money if you’re not really in need.

It is advised to keep people with non-essential jobs in place right now. If businesses start to open in early March as the White House wants, you still have to keep quarantine and just leave when you have to. However, if you have to go out, the CDC recommends that we all use some kind of protection facial covering to limit the transmission of the new coronavirus.

Right now you will be pleased to learn that Amazon’s best-selling face masks are now back in order to ship out the earliest time possible. These are three-layer masks that prevent things for your airways as long as the necessary precautions are taken and strict social distances are practiced. This is important to note that it is not N95 masks or surgical masks. In other words, they are much better than most DIY cloth masks, which people now share online.

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