These Remote Controlled Colorful Bulbs Are Down To $6 Each!

With the color-changing light bulbs of Govee, setting the mood in any room gets much easier. The included remote systems are able to switch between 16 dynamic colors, and you can also choose some cool modes for lighting. Today, when entering promo code ZT6A2ZAY during check-out, you can bundle these bulbs for just $11.99 on sale at Amazon. This saves you 4 dollars off the cost and reduces each bulb’s price to only 5.99 dollars.

Smart bulbs are one of the simplest ways to start your smart home, but with the cheapest options, you can install countless apps to monitor all of your equipment. Not only can this slow down your phone, but it can also force you to make tough decisions about privacy versus convenience. The RGBW LED bulbs of Govee fall down in the middle somewhere. Without installing apps that need access to contacts, location, or photos, you can create fancy colors and lighting scenes.

Govees light bulbs are color-changing with two remote controls that allow you to switch the bulbs on and off. The light bulbs have to be set at two or four hours, dimness can be adjusted and the color changed by 16 different options, including cool, white and warm options. The distance from the bulbs is 26 feet.

These bulbs are equipped with four different lighting modes, including gradual color changes, fades, jump, and flash. They are E26/E27 compatible and low electricity consumption. Amazon has nearly 125 customers with an estimate of 4.4 out of 5 stars for the bulbs.

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