These Devices Kills Bacteria From Smartphone & They Are Ready To Ship From Amazon

Everybody knows that smartphones are dirty, but it’s almost impossible to get through things like Clorox or Lysol wipes. How do you clean your phone to kill bacteria and viruses like Novel Coronavirus? The best tool for the job is smartphone sanitizers that use UV light. Several popular models among our readers are now available from Amazon.

First of all, the Marnana Portable UV Phone Sterilizer is ready for shipment. This portable UV cleaner case will pop up and your phone will go into it. To start sanitizing, press the button at the top and your phone will be UV-C for a couple of minutes.

The HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer Bag is next available with far better coverage and much greater internal space to handle other items than just your smartphone. It’s available in two colors right now, and next week a third will be in stock.

In addition, we just found a tiny little sanitizer called the Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer. Since it’s so compact, it won’t fit a smartphone, but you can easily carry it anywhere and it’s great for sanitizing jewelry and other small objects. Best of all, for this awesome mini sanitizer, you’ll only pay $19.97.

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